THE STEAKHOUSE: premium quality from the grill


The Steakhouse is a true experience for lovers of fish and seafood from the open wooden charcoal grill. The atmospheric restaurant offers you many benefits: choose your favourite item direct at the Meat Boutique, watch the grill expert at work or select a suitable wine yourself in the walk-through wine gallery.

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In the beginning was fire and today there is “The Steakhouse”. Cooking meat and fish over an open fire has been no secret since time immemorial. In The Steakhouse variety has arrived at the grill, for in 2014 we are introducing a new country with many specialities every month.









Escargot à la bourguignonne
Ein halbes Dutzend Weinbergschnecken
mit Kräuterbutter überbacken
(Zubereitung ca. 15 Minuten)
CHF 16.-

Foie gras de canard griller
Grillierte Entenleber (60g)
auf lauwarmen Apfel-Linsensalat
mit caramelisierten Apfelschnitzen und Balsamico
CHF 21.-


Plat principal

Plat de fruits de mer grillés à la façon Bouillabaisse
Safranisierter Fischeintopf mit grillierten
Jakobsmuscheln, Crevetten, Kalmar und Hummer,
serviert mit geröstetem Weissbrot und Sauce Rouille

CHF 52.-

Charolais-Entrecôte „Café de Paris"
220g Entrecôte vom Charolais- Rind
mit Café-de-Paris-Butter überbacken
Pommes Allumettes und grünen Bohnen

CHF 68.-


Tarte Tatin aux pommes
mit Vanilleglacé
(Zubereitung ca. 20 Minuten)
CHF 14.-



Enjoy a juicy selection of different pieces direct from the grill.

We serve you 450g of meat in total. US beefsteak, veal cutlets, spare ribs, chicken breast supreme, Buurebratwürstli sausage and steakhouse sausage. With it there is Steakhouse sauce, herb butter, chimichurri, Steakhouse fries and a Steakhouse salad as a starter.

For 2 people or more, for CHF 85.- per person.


Seafood as you like it.

Yellow fin tuna steak, "ca mau" king prawns, Kalmar steak, lobster tail, scallops and fish of the day. Served with Steakhouse sauce, pineapple and mango chutney, wasabi guacamole, white wine risotto and a Steakhouse salad starter.

From 2 people, for CHF 89 per person.


Monday evening is roast beef evening... "Smoky and trendy from the BBQ smoker"

"Have a bit more... until you’re full"

With side dishes and Béarnaise sauce, every Monday evening from 6.00 p.m. for CHF 49 per person.