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ROOTS – rooted in the region

With the special ROOTS theme, The Steakhouse concentrates afresh each month on regional producers and national products.

January – Duck

Duck is a versatile and delicious poultry: all parts of the animal can be processed into incomparable delicacies - whether breast, leg, liver or even the fat.

The domestic duck that is consumed most today is descended from the mallard duck. It is native to North America, North Africa, North Asia and Europe. They were already kept as farm animals by the Chinese and the Greeks as early as 1000 BC, and many crossbreeds were created in the process.

Duck meat is dark and firm and has a spicy, strong taste. It is rich in magnesium and vitamin B1. The fat content is higher in duck than in chicken, but lower than in goose. The skin of the duck becomes wonderfully crispy when cooked because the fat lies directly under the skin. It escapes during preparation and protects the meat from drying out.

We wish you great moments of pleasure with the January ROOTS menu!

ROOTS menu ► 3-course menu CHF 62.- per person

Smoked Swiss duck breast
with barley and vegetable salad with celery and honey cream

CHF 15.50

Confit of Swiss duck leg
wit puree of black leek, red lentils and orange sauce

CHF 38.-

Yoghurt thyme panna cotta
with raspberry espuma and herbal honey sorbet

CHF 13.-