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ROOTS – rooted in the region

With the special ROOTS theme, The Steakhouse concentrates afresh each month on regional producers and national products.

November - Why seek far afield when the good is close by?

Here in the region and throughout the Canton of Schwyz there is a diversity of agricultural holdings with great products. In November, at cold temperatures, it might as well be a little more solid: That's why we bring tasty pork and Linth corn on the plate.

Pork: Butcher's shop Rickenbach, Galgenen SZ
Linth corn: Bruhin Mill, Tuggen SZ
Eggs: Pirmin Bamert, Wangen SZ

ROOTS menu ► 3-course menu CHF 74.- per person

Baby Kale with Schwyzer raw ham and boiled eggs

CHF 13.-

Grilled pork chop marinated with homemade BBQ sauce, with grilled Linth corn and porcini mushrooms

CHF 59.-

Homemade apple crumble cake with apple-cinnamon ice cream and vanilla sauce

CHF 11.-