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ROOTS – rooted in the region

With the special ROOTS theme, The Steakhouse concentrates afresh each month on regional producers and national products.

May: Suckling lamb from Muotathal

Suckling lambs are young sheeps that are at least eight weeks old, but no older than six months. They have very light-coloured meat because they feed only on their mother's milk and do not yet eat any green fodder.

Lamb meat is basically nutrient-rich and digestible. Compared to beef or pork, it has a strong flavour of its own, but in the case of suckling lambs this flavour is mild.

Our lambs come from the own production of the well-known "Heinzer Metzgerei" in Muotathal.

ROOTS ► 3-course menu CHF 79.-/person

Carpaccio of lamb rump rolled with nori leaves,
white asparagus salad,
herb mayonnaise and fig chutney

CHF 21.-

Main course
Grilled lamb chops with pistachio crust
with purple potatoes
grilled finger carrots wrapped in bacon
and rosemary jus

CHF 48.-

Baked chocolate tart with cherry sorbet

CHF 15.-