Live Musik @ Lago Lounge

The most beautiful sunset on Lake Zurich with cool bands and hot sound.

Free entry - just drop by!

On the terrace of the Lago Lounge. Only in dry weather ► we will inform you the evening before here on our website whether the concerts will take place.

Official flyer (German, PDF)

Wednesday, 24 August, 7 p.m. - 9.30 p.m. ► SPUTNIK SUSHI

Great songs interpreted unconventionally. The percussive versatile drummer always lays down a rich danceable groove. The double bass growls and is slapped, bowed or plucked. Drum'n'bass form the foundation on which the band stands. The guitar sets accents, loud or soft, playful or right to the point. The fantastic singer enchants the audience with her presence and her soulful voice. The three-part harmony singing inspires and leaves no one cold - you haven't heard it like this for a long time.

Sputnik Sushi

The interpretations of the well-known songs are a mixture of soul, country and rock'n'roll - always danceable, always rousing, timelessly up-to-date.

The band:
Patricia: vocals, percussion, violin
Daniel: doghouse bass, vocals, banjo
Harry: guitars, vocals, mandolin
Juha: drums, percussion, noises, birthday cake