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Living in Lachen SZ / in Switzerland

Residence and registration in Switzerland

Living in Switzerland requires a few formalities. Here you will find relevant information on residence permits, family reunification and registration at your new place of residence.

Car and public transport

Mobility means being free, getting to know Switzerland and getting to work on time. Here you will find important information on all those topics, such as driving licenses, toll-stickers and public transport.

Salaries, insurance and taxes

Find out more about the salaries, health insurance system and taxes.

Quadrilingual Switzerland

Living in Switzerland also means knowing about the country's four languages and many regional dialects. Find out more here.

Housing and renting

What equipment do you usually find in a Swiss flat and what else will you have to pay, such as a rent deposit, radio and television registration, electricity, telephone and internet ... You can find useful information here.

Marina Lachen has a limited number of staff rooms and flats in the neighbourhood which can be rented at fair prices. We will be happy to provide you with personalised information regarding availability, size and furnishings, price, etc.

Leisure and activities in Lachen and the surrounding area

Culture, sport and relaxation - the village of Lachen and the surrounding area offers you many activities and over 90 clubs.

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