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Housing & Renting

Your flat in Switzerland

In Switzerland, flats for rent are usually equipped with a kitchen, so you do not need to bring yours or buy one. Washing machines and occasionally also dryers are usually made available by the landlord, especially in apartment buildings, where all tenants are free to use them.

Upon concluding a rental contract, there usually is a security deposit (against damage) amounting to one or two months’ rent to be paid by the tenant. In addition to the rent, the tenant is responsible for utilities and heating costs and possibly also a fee for renting a parking space.

All the information about renting living space in Switzerland can be found at the Tenants’ Association of the Canton of Schwyz (Mieterverband Kanton Schwyz). The website of the Federal Authority for Housing (Bundesamt für Wohnungswesen) offers information for tenants.

Radio and TV

Receiving the national radio and TV programs is subject to a fee which is paid via Serafe. You have to register your TV and radio with them. If you only watch TV or listen to the radio on your computer, you have to register this device as well. In all of Switzerland, you can also tune in to private TV stations or cable TV, which is usually included in the rent. Since 2016, only digital technology is used any more to receive TV programs, so the older, analogue sets do not work any more.

Because of the four national languages, there are a few TV stations broadcasting only in French or Italian. Programs in Rhaeto-Roman are offered by the German-speaking TV stations. Here you will find all the TV stations whose programs you can receive in Switzerland, depending on their area of coverage.

Electricity and Voltage

With regards to your electric power supply, a voltage of 220–230 Volts and a frequency of 50 Hz is most commonly used in Switzerland. All outlets are designed for either the European universal plug type C (2 pins) or for the three-pin-plug type J for larger devices. So make sure you have the right plug adapters!

Telephone and internet

You are free to choose a provider for your landline phone, your internet connection and your cell phone. On the internet you will find various platforms to help you find the scheme that best suits your needs and budget, e.g. through Comparis.

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