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Live Musik @ Lago Lounge

The most beautiful sunset on Lake Zurich with cool bands and hot sound.

Free entry - just drop by!

On the terrace of the Lago Lounge. Only in dry weather ► we will inform you the evening before here on our website whether the concerts will take place.

Wednesday, 29 May, 18:30–21:00 ► ANYplay

Their name says it all. ANYplay has perfected the art of creating an atmosphere of good humour with a rousing mix of party classics and the latest hits - almost like a DJ, but with the energy and passion of a live band.

Bild der Band ANYplay bei einem AuftrittThe combination of joie de vivre, years of experience and musical expertise of the individual band members merges into a unique blend. It is almost impossible to resist the urge to dance to the beat of the music or nod your head rhythmically. Variety is guaranteed with ANYplay - the band covers a wide range of musical genres, so there is something for every taste.

  • Jürg Hurter: E-Bass
  • Lars Hermann: Guitar
  • Claudia Raubo: Lead Vocal
  • Marco Scarlato: Drums & Vocals


Thursday, 27 June, 19:00–21:30 ► LAKESIDE JAZZTET

Jazz standards, blues and bossa with swing and drive.

Foto von Lakeside Jazztet

  • Peter Goldstein: Tenor Saxofon
  • Roman Guggenberger: Drums
  • Samuel Zuber: Bass
  • Andrew Bastar: Piano

Thursday, 25 July, 19:00–21:30 ► SOË BLUE

Soë Blue is a talented singer-songwriter from Zurich. Her unique sound, soulful voice and emotional lyrics on topics such as love, strokes of fate and self-discovery captivate audiences. 

Bild von Soë Blue an einem Konzert mit PianoLast year, she released a series of new songs, which she recorded in Nashville, Tennessee. With her determination, she has made a name for herself on the Swiss music scene. As an up-and-coming artist, her future promises to be inspiring and successful.


Thursday, 22 August, 19:00–21:30

Reggaenerators is a Swiss reggae backing band that performs with various artists. At the Lago Lounge concert, the musicians' collective will be on stage with the two artists Redwan and Raja Flame. 

Bandfoto von Redwan & Raja FlamesBandfoto der ReggaeneratorsThe soulful voice of Redwan, complemented by the energy of Raja Flame, creates a powerful and varied live performance in English and Akan, the language of their motherland Ghana.

  • Redwan & Raja Flame: Lead Vocal
  • Michael Burkhalter: Drums
  • Jonas Hegnauer: Bass
  • Nikola Blagojević: Guitar
  • Beat Bommeli: Keys

Website Redwan, Raja Flames & The Reggaenerators